The vineyards

From the fresh breezes to the spring rains, from the hot humid summer to the autumn mists and the snow of long winters when, finally, the vineyard can rest. Several varieties of soil, mixes of marine sands and argillaceous marl, collaborating in the miracle of Nature.More than 150.000 vines.


  • 140 km of rows are covered back and forth at least 10 times during the annual cycle of vinegrowing.
  • 45 hectares of vineyards
  • 7 native grape varieties
  • 322 meters above the sea level, in full sunlight from sunrise to sunset: the ideal atmosphere for a good ripening.

This is how the idyll of Cantine San Matteo wines becomes true.


Located in the heart of Piedmont, where the Roero land, the Langhe and Monferrato meet, the vineyards of the Povero family are wisely distributed to accommodate the different predispositions of the three Piedmontese terroirs:

  • The Roero (Roé in Piedmontese), located on the left bank of the river Tanaro, with its patchwork of small vineyards dotted with “ciabot”, makes an example of spontaneous peasant architecture that gives the place a fairytale aura. The hill slopes facing the sun, the land mixed with marine sands, suited to white wines bestowed with mineral tones and full-bodied reds, appear sometimes so inaccessible that you would think man could never work on such soils. The landscape with its wild “rocche” possesses a rare and varied beauty.
  • The Monferrato area (Monfrà in Piedmontese) with its charming undulating landscape of rolling hills, caringly furrowed by tiny and charming valleys, offers an extraordinary variety of viticultural lands: from the hills of “white soils” that guarantee strong wines, full of body and colour, to the “red earth”, composed of silt and clay, suited to white wines.
  • The Langhe, a rhythmic sequence of hills that are reminiscent of sea waves, degrading to the north until the Tanaro river, while fading towards the south to higher hills that are almost mountainous. The Langa is well summarised in the images of the vine, of hazel trees and of truffles as described by Fenoglio and Pavese. A land full of sumptuous wines that enrich the range of the Roero and Monferrato, thus composing a unique geographical oenological excellence.


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