Relish the Idyll



Ten reasons to choose Cantine San Matteo wines:
1. For the guarantee offered by a family tradition continuing from generation to generation.
2. For the solid competence and responsibility characterizing each step of wine production.
3. For the artisanal care, from the work in the vineyards to the bottling.
4. For the attention to an environmentally sustainable development.
5. For the excellence of territories with unique weather conditions.
6. For the value given to each bottle, treated like a precious little poem.
7. For the wide range of wines, allowing to discover different varieties.
8. For the investments in technology.
9. For the ethical code guiding every decision and for the forward-looking vision knowing how to tie the past to the future.
10. For the relation between the excellence of the product and its fair price.

Don’t settle for less: choose the ones who give you
an emotion, a story, an experience,
and not just a bottle of wine.
Choose the ones who made wine an idyll of the senses


via Mattutina 6 – Frazione San Matteo

Cisterna d’Asti, 14010 AT


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